Prof. Thomas C.-K. Yang is a Vice President of the National Taipei University of Technology (Taipei Tech). He also serves as a Distinguished Professor in the department of chemical engineering and biotechnology. Additionally, he is a director of the Center of Precision Analysis and Material Research which provides core research-facility services for Taipei Tech and Taiwan high education institutes. His research interests are on the semiconductor fabrication, flexible electronics, nanotechnology, ceramic/polymer packaging, synthesis of frontier functional materials with more than 150 research articles in high-level international SCI journals. Professor Yang received his post-graduate training at the University of Missouri (USA) from 1989 to 1995. His MS thesis engaged in the simulation and design of a semiconductor CVD reactor for AT&T Corporation. In continuation of the chip fabrication studies, he has his Ph. D. dissertation emphasizing the ceramic packaging technology for the multichip modules as a project supported by IBM cooperation. He has joined Taipei Tech since 1996, and his research activities currently include barrier films for OLED devices, fabrication of dye-sensitized solar cells, semiconductor photocatalysts for clean energy, in-situ characterization for catalysis, and nanotechnology. He also conducted several industry-academic cooperation research projects, including the OLED barrier layer projects, bioceramic dental implant system, and green energy in SOFC and solar cell sponsored by public sectors, ITRI, TRI, Metal Research and Development Institute, and some private companies.