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  Our objective is to provide the Gambia students who are within “The Gambia Information Technology Elite Program” with a sound and solid knowledge in the professional disciplines of computer science and information technology.

  There are twenty-five students enrolled in this program and English is the main communication language for the class. The program is designed to have four years of intensive classes beginning in September 2007 and ending in June 2011. Students will receive a bachelor degree upon graduation. Students must complete the required credit hours and elective courses to complete the program. This program also provides internship opportunities for the students.

  “The Gambia Information Technology Elite Program” is sponsored by the Republic of Gambia through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Taiwan. Funding includes tuition, room and board, health insurance, textbooks and other miscellaneous expenses. This program will also provide housing for the Gambia students to live in a campus dormitory, and professor Chuan-Ming Liu is appointed as a full-time counselor to coach and help students in this program.

  This program is set not only to foster the elite of Information Technology for Gambia, but it also maintains a stable and cooperative relationship between Taiwan and the Republic of Gambia.


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  • Four Year Course Schedule for “The Gambia Information Technology Elite Program”.

  • 2008 Fall Semester Course Timetable (English)

  • 2008 Fall Semester Course Timetable (Chinese)


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    Champion of 2008 University football exercises league match


    Gambian Delegation visits Gambian Students in NTUT


    2008 Chinese Lantern Festival


    2007 Semester-End Meeting of the Gambian IT Elite Program


    The Freshmen Inauguration Ceremony of the Gambia IT Elite Program